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Menhir-field Cham des Bondons

Menhire Cham des Bondons
Menhire at the Cham des Bondons | ©:

Menhirfield at the Cham des Bondons is one of the largest cities in the megalithic culture in Europe. A circular route (about 2 hours) runs through Menhierfeld. From Anduze via Florac to Cham des Bondons takes about 60 minutes by car. However, if you drive via the Corniche des Cevennes and enjoy the magnificent view, it will take a little longer.

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Lookout Anduze Fort Rohan

Lookout Anduze Fort Rohan
Lookout Anduze Fort Rohan | ©:

The lookout of "Fort Rohan" is located on the eastern side of Anduze. It is at 334 meters above sea level, exactly 200 meters above Anduze.

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Lookout Anduze Rocher de St.Julien

Lookout Anduze Rocher de St.Julien
Lookout Anduze Rocher de St.Julien | ©:

Anduze is located approximately 134 meters above sea level, compared to Rocher de St.Julien which is approximately 325 meters above sea level. This difference of altitude can be managed within 30 minutes.

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Vézénobres | ©:

At the foot of the Cevennes, in the small village Vézénobres with no more than 1,700 people, the visitor will find himself in a Mediterranean climate. However, there is also a variety of plant life and a rich historical heritage.

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Sainte-Croix-de-Caderle | ©:

It is assumed that the chapel Sainte-Croix de Caderle was built in the Merovingian period, between the 5th and the middle of the 8th century AD.

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Saint-André-de-Valborgne | ©:

The 400-resident community Saint-André-de-Valborgne is known mainly as the centre of its Silkworm farming back then. Today, however, the economy of Département Gard is dependent on its green tourism.

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Nîmes-le-Vieux: Bizarre rock formations

Nîmes-le-Vieux | ©:

At first glance, the rock formations of Nîmes-le-Vieux resemble a ruin-like setting. Located is this place in the northeast of the calcareous plateau of Mejean near the pass of Perjuret and Fraissinet-de-Fourques and thus in the heart of the Cevennes National Park.

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Mont Aigoual

Mont Aigoual
Mont Aigoual | ©:

Mont Aigoual is considered the natural reservoir of France. And not in vain. At this 1,567-meter high mountain six springs originate. Those springs and respective rivers create their own weather, marked by fog, rain and snow.

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Barre-des-Cévennes | ©:

Barre-des-Cévennes is a small spot in the Cevennes and located along the route from St. Jean du Gard to Florac. If you want to experience a portion of the panoramic view of the Corniche des Cévennes this place is a must to visit.

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