Ceramic art: Vase d'Anduze - the Vase of Anduze

Anduze is very well known for its oversized vases, which can be found mostly in front of town halls or other public buildings in southern France. However, you can also see these vases in large parks or gardens of manorial mansions. Some of those large vases weigh up to 120k. They are frost-poof and large enough to accommodate small orange- or lemon trees.

Ceramic art: Vase d'Anduze
Ceramic art: Vase d'Anduze | ©: www.anduze-info.com

The pottery in Anduze is centuries old, but the story of the Vase d'Anduze began around 1610 when an Anduze’s potter saw a beautifully decorated vase on a pottery market in Beaucaire, Florence, which inspired him for his vase. The legend has it that a potter of the Boissest family created the Vase d'Anduze. Typically, it's bulbous, upwardly open shape, those three heraldic shields of his workshop, joined with three garlands of flowers as well as two horizontal stripes that give the vase some relief. Also, those vases got a flamed colour, achieved by fired glaze of green, brown or yellow.

Allegedly, the Orangerie of Versailles possessed the most beautiful collection of large vases of Anduze, which, however, might not be sure. Unquestionably, however is, that numerous gardens and parks are decorated with those vases that give them a royal, grand-sounding ambience.

Ceramic art: Vase d'Anduze
Ceramic art: Vase d'Anduze | ©: www.anduze-info.com

Ceramic art: Vase d'Anduze
Ceramic art: Vase d'Anduze | ©: www.anduze-info.com

The most famous names of the pottery dynasties are Boisset, Gautier's, Caulet, Bourguet, or Castanet. Until the 20th century, the pottery of Anduze flourished. However, in a time when clay became scars and ceramics were industrially manufactured, craft enterprises had a difficult time. It seemed as if those establishments would cave in. But the Vase d'Anduze survived, even if the clay, for the production, has to be imported for the most parts. Today there are still 1-2 craft shops in and around Anduze, which export those vases all around the world.

Ceramic art: Vase d'Anduze
Ceramic art: Vase d'Anduze | ©: www.anduze-info.com

Besides the classic design, there are now also elaborately painted or burned designs. Those pottery vases are available in all sizes. Many tourists take a piece of Provence home with them to place 2-3 vases on their terraces, planted with lavender, thyme, box, or even with a little lemon- or olive tree.

Potteries in and around Anduze

The following are known potteries in and around Anduze. I am sure with this vast selection you will find your “vase” or, at least, get inspired for your garden.

Les Enfants de BoissetLes Enfants de Boisset

It seems that this is one of the oldest companies, which existed already 400 years ago. Till today, they are producing the typical Vase d'Anduce and even have an old quarry for clay mining adjacent to their establishment.

Website www.poterie-anduze.fr, Address: Route de St Jean du Gard, 30140 Anduze


The vases of this operation are modelled at the vases of the Medici’s and have a very strong-sounding "antique" style.

Website www.ampholia-anduze.com, Address: la Madeleine, 30140 Tornac

Le Chêne VertLe Chêne Vert

Other workshops also provide a wide range of vases and pottery objects. In the peak season, you can watch each Wednesday afternoon how those vases are produced.

Website www.poteriedanduze.com, Address: Route d'Alès(D910) in 30140 Boisset-Gaujac

Les CordeliersLes Cordeliers

This pottery is located directly behind the railway station. Each vase is unique. Moreover, those vases are available in all colours.

Website www.poterie-cordeliers.fr, Address: Place de la Gare, 30140 Anduze

Terre FiguièreTerre Figuière

A wide range of shapes and colors. The vases are sold to many garden centres.

Website www.terrefiguiere.com, Address: ZA N°3 Route de Lézan in 30140 Marsillargues Atuech

La MadeleineLa Madeleine

In total, there are four stores in which the products of this pottery workshop are sold. The closest, Magasin, is located in Lezan. In addition to the classic design, there are many other shapes and colours, as well as several articles for the garden, available.

Website www.poterie.com, Address: Poterie de la Madeleine - Magasin d'Anduze, route de Nîmes in 30350 Lezand

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