Anduze: The gateway to the Cévennes

la Tour de l'Horloge in Anduze
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Anduze is a small town located in the south of France between the Mediterranean Sea, Provence and the Cévennes. Its once distinguished history, plenty of nature, cozy swimming spots on the Gardon, the sun and the opportunity for various recreational activities make Anduze it an ideal holiday location.

Majestically, Anduze stretches between two mighty rock formations. Therefore, it is also called, "Porte des Cevennes" (gateway to the Cevennes). Unspoilt nature, open meadows with large trees and bamboo, gently sloping pebble beaches to the river Gardon dominate the surroundings and invite you to swim and relax, far away from the hustle and everyday life.

Pottery & Vase d'Anduze
Pottery & Vase d'Anduze | ©:

Anduze, already since the Middle Ages known as an important silk trading centre, later known as the Protestant centre, stands now for its original centre, which has been preserved since the Middle Ages; with its well-known pottery workshops. Experience the charm of the city and enchant yourself with a town tour. In the centre of Anduze, you will see the Clock Tower, the Pagoda-Fountain, the "Rue roite" - one of the largest Protestant Temple, and the boutiques with their coloured bricks, which create an incomparable ambience that dominates the entire place.

Steam engine ride on the „Train a Vapeur des Cévennes“
Steam engine ride on the „Train a Vapeur des Cévennes“ | ©:

The region around Anduze offers activities for the whole family, which you should not miss. Stroll through the bamboo grove Bambouseraie, a beautiful garden, which is also home to artists and various events. With the steam locomotive discover "Train a Vapeur des Cévennes" and its surrounding area. You can also visit the caves of Trabuc; one of the potteries or the Musee du Desert. And there is not just wet fun for the kids; you also can enjoy several high rope courses, river hiking, or canoeing as well as many more programmes to participate.

Other sights to visit are the Haribo Museum (Uzes), the aqueduct "Pont du Gard", the city of Nimes, the Tarn Gorge, as well as several exciting cities and canyons in the nearby area. Hike up the Stevenson Trail and experience a piece of the Cevennes.

Vacation in Anduze as a choice destination is an ideal combination of a fantastic natural environment combined with many attractions and ancient cultural treasures. For accommodations, you can choose between campsites, bed and breakfast, hotels, apartments and hostels. However, there are some unusual accommodations available, such as tents or tree houses in natural parks.

Swimming in the river Le Gardon
Swimming in the river Le Gardon | ©:

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