La Tour de l'Horloge
La Tour de l'Horloge | ©:

La Tour de l'Horloge

As a witness of the city wall and its vast history, the Tour d'Horloge is with its three floors, is located takes on a prominent place.

The construction of the tower began in 1320 and was finished in 1335. From its 3 levels and terraces, you get panoramic views of the city, and you start to understand how the monitoring of the town would have been organized from this 22m high tower. The walls are about 1.80m thick. The townspeople had to defend themselves against various gangs of mercenaries who tried to capture the city during the 100 Year War. The strategically favourable position of the tower made it possible to monitor every crossing of the river by a secured bridge.

La Tour de l'Horloge
La Tour de l'Horloge | ©:

The architecture of the tower has the same architecture as the Remparts (city wall) of Aigues-Mortes and its famous tower Constance d'Aigues-Mortes. However, this tower was, however, built some 80 years earlier.

Initially known as the "Tour Ronde" (round tower) the tower became its present name after it was equipped with a sundial in 1559.

From then on the "Meridienne" became the local clock. This might be the reason, after taking down the city wall, which stands for the downfall of the Huguenots-power, the tower was left undamaged. Because of Richelieu’s pardon and peace treaty all security points were destroyed only the tower was spared.

Briefly, during the religious wars, the tower also served as a prison. The clock face of the historic sundial shows every quarter of an hour between 11-13 o’clock. Its framework constitutes of the four seasons and different constellations. The historical relevance of this tower convinced historians to make an entry into the historical monuments of France. Ever since the tower is listed under the national conservation. In 1989, the sundial "Meridienne" was completely renovated and updated to a modern clock with 12 digits. Over the years, the tower with its unique sundial became a popular photo motif.

La Tour de l'Horloge
Meridienne and the Tour de l'Horloge | ©:

The region around Anduze offers activities for the whole family, which you should not miss. Stroll through the bamboo grove Bambouseraie, a beautiful garden, which is also home to artists and various events. With the steam locomotive discover "Train a Vapeur des Cévennes" and its surrounding area. You can also visit the caves of Trabuc; one of the potteries or the Musee du Desert. And there is not just wet fun for the kids; you also can enjoy several high rope courses, river hiking, or canoeing as well as many more programmes to participate.

Other sights to visit are the Haribo Museum (Uzes), the aqueduct "Pont du Gard", the city of Nimes, the Tarn Gorge, as well as several exciting cities and canyons in the nearby area. Hike up the Stevenson Trail and experience a piece of the Cevennes.

Vacation in Anduze as a choice destination is an ideal combination of a fantastic natural environment combined with many attractions and ancient cultural treasures. For accommodations, you can choose between campsites, bed and breakfast, hotels, apartments and hostels. However, there are some unusual accommodations available, such as tents or tree houses in natural parks.

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