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If you want to get to know the original France, its customs and traditions, Anduze offers the best opportunity to do so. After all, the small town in the Cevennes in a sense lives of its traditions. With the locals’ visitors can take part in various festivals and also visit numerous markets and of course also, can taste countless regional products.

Flea markets in Anduze
Flea markets in Anduze | ©: www.anduze-info.com

Typical regional products in the Cevennes

Goat Cheese

Products like the goat cheese Pélardon was originally manufactured in the Cevennes because the barren landscape offered not too many alternatives for agricultural products. The Pélardon is made of one hundred percent raw milk of goats. Once it has coagulated, the curd is scooped into moulds with ladles. After the whey is drained completely it is salted; then it needs to mature for eleven days. This cheese has a nutty aroma; whose intensity intensifies with increasing maturity.


The chestnut tree was popular in the Cevennes because its wood is protected from rotting due to the high tannin content while it could be well finished at the same time. Soon it was discovered that the chestnut is an excellent and filling food, rich in vitamins and high in starch. Today, the sweet chestnut is one of the typical products of the region.


Typical for the Cevennes is the La saucisse d'Anduze, a sausage made from pork. It has a very distinctive flavour, because when feeding the pigs in addition to their food, they received acorns and chestnuts. Moreover, the sausage is flavoured with other ingredients such as spices or herbs of the Provence. However, each manufacturer has its own methods and production secrets.


In the area Anduze besides Sweet Chestnuts also olives are cultivated. They are available as either mechanically and cold-pressed olive oil or processed into tamponade. Here we talk about the black, brown and green olives, shredded, and made into a paste and seasoned with mustard. This is highly recommended as a spread on the baguette.


Viticulture also plays a significant role in Anduze. The preferred grape varieties include Merlot, Grenache, Syrah, Chardonnay and Sauvignon. Relatively widespread and also typical for the Cevennes is the Clinton. For dining, locals appreciate the aperitif Cartagena. It is a mixture consisting of 80 percent wine and 20 percent brandy.


Oversized garden vases, which are made in and around Anduze. The manufacturers are selling them on large pottery markets within the region.

Markets and Festivals in Anduze
Market in Anduze | ©: www.anduze-info.com

Markets and Festivals in Anduze
Market in Anduze | ©: www.anduze-info.com

Markets and Festivals in Anduze:

Market in Anduze
Market in Anduze | ©: www.anduze-info.com

Market in Anduze
Market in Anduze | ©: www.anduze-info.com

Markets around Anduze

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